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Tarot Readings (30 minutes)

Tarot is  the art of divination through reading cards, or cartomancy.  They are a richly detailed set of cards (even without the pictures) that hold within them the mysteries and complexities of our human lives.  In the hands of a skilled reader, they are a powerful tool to gain insight and understanding into our daily lives, and our soul’s journey.
General Inquiries – 30 minutes
Tarot Constellations – 30 minutes

Evolutionary Astrology Readings: (30 min – 1.5 hrs)

Understanding our birth charts is not just a tool for developing personal awareness, but also for giving us peace of mind.  We can view the roadmap of our strengths, weaknesses and resources, while learning where our greatest potential for growth lies.  Faelan is an Evolutionary Astrologer in the Steven Forrest Method.  This approach encompasses a scope beginning with our elemental pyschological and personality traits, to looking at the bigger view of our Soul’s journey and path for growth.

Spiritual Counseling (30-60 minutes)

These sessions focus on whatever is up for you.  Often there is a nagging question just outside your reach, or a realization that is itching at your subconscious, just waiting to be brought forward.  You may be in a moment of transition or crisis.  You may be on a quest to develop your spiritual gifts. You may want to know which healing modalities you might work with to balance an issue (working with stones or crystals, meditation, movement practices, etc..).
Specific questions are encouraged!  However, many folks book a session and don’t know what they want to ask or what they are looking for.  As a Seer, Faelan’s specialty is helping you find the right questions and giving you tools to do your own digging.  She has a gift for “seeing” in the dark to bring forward what you need brought to light.
Any of the services on this website may make an appearance during these sessions.  The open-ended nature of this work is to allow room for whatever is most authentic and beneficial for you at this moment in your healing process.

ERT (Emotional Repolarization Techinque) (60 minutes)

ERT is the process of using affirmative statements, muscle testing and body postures to track down limiting beliefs and subconscious thoughts, and to clear them.  This has been dramatically helpful for folks who want to make positive life changes but feel or experience  an “invisible force” keeping them from progress, including self-sabotage. Many times this invisible force is ourselves standing in our own way, often due to residue left in our mindstreams and nervous systems from past events and conversations.
10 sessions are generally recommended, however potent work occurs in each and every session, and many folks start with a session or two at a time and come back when they are ready to continue the work.
This technique is simple but powerful.

Meditation Instruction (30 minutes)

Meditation can take many forms. Some focus on stilling the mind, some on embodying our senses, some on visualization.  Some forms are active, like walking meditations, some are passive, like seated practices.
3 core meditation practices that are beneficial right from the start are:
– The Magical Compass – aligning yourself to the 7 directions
– Stillness – quieting the mind and finding your center
– The 5 Streams – developing awareness through your 5 senses
Each of these are important tools for becoming fully present, discerning the difference between our deeper consciousness and our mundane mind chatter or busy-ness, and giving us a sacred mind and body space from which to approach any spiritual or magical work.

Wedding Officiant

Celebrating love!  Make your special day just the way you want it.  Artistic and alternative weddings are a delight for Faelan.  Love will be celebrated professionally regardless of skin color, gender orientation, or alternative spiritual orientations.  Email to inquire about logistics and availability.
Officant rates are $500-$1500 depending on how involved the vision and the officiant’s participation is.
*Wedding Officiant is a specialty offering with its own pricing.

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