Ongoing Magical Mentorship is available on Faelan’s Patreon page!  Subjects include Tarot, The Wheel of the Year, Meditation, Astrology and working with Nature Magic.

Sacred Dance Series: Dancing With the Elements

This 5 week series is available online (in person spaces are full).  It will be live via Zoom on Thursdays, 9am-10am PT April 21-May 19th, 2022. The cost is $85 for all 5 classes.  Register by contacting Faelan at

What is Sacred Dance?  It is using meditative movement to bring us closer to our connection with Nature and the Divine.  Instead of transcending our bodies, we recognize our bodies as a vehicle for access to Spirit and a tool for our magic.  In this series, we will explore our connection to the 5 elements of Water, Fire, Air, Earth and Spirit.  Curious about why they’re listed in that order?  Only one way to find out!

This is a brand new series that combines Faelan’s extensive dance background with her life’s spiritual work.  Come join the adventure and weave the elements into your practice.

Sacred Dance Guild Panel, April 30th, 2022

Faelan is honored to be a guest speaker for The Sacred Dance Guild’s “Is This Sacred Dance?” panel, April 30th, 2022, 1-2:30pm PT.  Join live via zoom or catch the recording.  Details here: Sacred Dance Guild