Trillium Grove:

A Mystery School and Healing Center For the Art of Living

You find yourself walking a long way through the woods.  You can hear the birds in the trees and the sound of a creek running nearby.  The journey hasn’t been long in linear time, though it feels that it has taken years or a lifetime to reach this place, these questions in your heart, this doorway to understanding.

You have reached the cottage in the woods passing roses, lavender, sage, and the old apple tree.  You pass a small ring of stones with a fire pit in the center, and wonder at the mystery held there.  You arrive at the door of the healer, and she welcomes you inside.  In this moment you somehow know that you have found the right place and that you will get the help you need…perhaps a meditation, a divination, star lore, a movement practice, herbs, or a lantern held up to your next path.  An answer from Spirit.


Welcome to Trillium Grove.  This website is the virtual doorway to this very real place, nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  This site is a portal into the next stage of your journey…welcome.

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