Yoga and Meditation

Since her 1,000 hour residential Hatha Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training in 2002, Faelan has been a huge enthusiast for sharing the powers of these simple and nuanced practices. Her specialty is restorative yoga practice with emphasis on relieving tension from the spine.  This will allow one to fully arrive into their body, while relieving pain, anxiety and depression.  She also enjoys getting people to work hard, energizing, balancing and revitalizing their bodies and minds.

Faelan believes yoga is for everyone, regardless of body style and flexibility.  She is happy to work with her students where they are at, allowing each individual to grow in strength, balance, flexibility and mindfulness at their own pace.  Safety and avoiding injury are a big focus in her classes.

She is trained in many meditation practices that range from simple mindfulness (simple, but not easy) to powerful emotional transformation.

To schedule a private lesson, contact info@TrilliumGrove.Org.  Private lessons are $75 per hour and can be done in person or live online.