Emotional Repolarization Technique (ERT)

Have you ever felt that there was something you wanted or needed in your life but were somehow invisibly blocked?  Or difficulty overcoming a negative view of something you want to enjoy?  Or perhaps a traumatic event that you are having trouble releasing?

ERT is a simple but intelligent way to identify and clear subconscious blocks that keep us from being our best person.  It facilitates clearing the scar tissue that intense or painful events can leave with us. These scars and blocks may keep us from health, success or love.  With this process there is no need for analyzing or over thinking. We will use applied kinesiology (muscle testing) and body postures to remove these limiting beliefs so you will be free to create your ideal life.

ERT appointments can be done in person and in most cases via live online sessions.  The cost is $125 per hour and can be scheduled by emailing info@TrilliumGrove.org.  Financial aid is available in some cases.


“Faelan and ERT have helped me greatly over the last year. I have always believed that I had to work through my struggles on my own, but found that I couldn’t do it any longer. Faelan has been able to help me recognize the negative-self beliefs that I had not realized I had been holding, thoughts and beliefs that were keeping me from achieving my goals. Not only has she helped me find those blocks, but also how to let them go, and put strength and affirmations in their place. She’s helped me to learn how to recognize and combat those negative beliefs as I see them unfold in daily life, and I truly look forward to, and enjoy the work we have done through ERT. Faelan is an incredible guide and I trust her with my own struggles and find her insight to be most comforting, challenging, and rewarding. Thank you, Faelan!”
Ruth Torlüemke – Tulsa, OK

“Faelan’s work as an ERT therapist is exceptional. She came to me after the death of my son, and offered her services to me, for which I will be forever grateful. From the moment I walked into her space I felt at ease, and a sense of calm wash over me. At first I was skeptical of the process, but as I continued, I was amazed to find how wonderful I felt the very next day. After only one session I found my self sleeping better, generally more relaxed, and peaceful. The process allows one to find the root cause of a situation by delving deep into one’s own self to procure answers, and to heal one’s self through the process of true self forgiveness. Faelan Shiva is a caring, loving and understanding woman, and I highly recommend her ERT therapy sessions.”
Vanessa – Santa Cruz, CA