Trillium Grove:
A Mystery School For the Art of Living

Faelan Shiva has created Trillium Grove as a threshold of initiation into wholeness of mind, body and spirit.  Regardless of race, color, age, gender, spiritual preference or any other variety of human experience, she believes that each human has the potential to become fully themselves, to develop kindness along with fierceness, compassion along with boundaries, a spiritual heart/mind along with a grounded and healthy body.  She seeks to offer to her students and clients the eradication of limiting beliefs and numbness to life, while giving plenty of opportunity to drink from the well of inspiration and nourishing the body to vibrant health.

The transformation she facilitates through her work is one from the mindset of “I can’t…I don’t have time…success is for special people” to becoming a powerful co-creator of our own lives, who knows we CAN, that we have all the time we need for what is truly important to us, and that success is for everyone willing to do the work.
Methods of transformation range from simple, everyday practices to esoteric journeys to the inner world.  We will breathe, sweat on the dance floor, get our hands dirty in the garden, meditate, pray, journal and absolutely anything else that works.
This work seeks to take the currents of inspiration and manifestation and meet at the center of the heart, where we find harmony, the balance of opposites and true power.